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Our Savory Pies

Originally the crust was to keep the content of the pie fresh. The hardened pastry packages were not necessarily eaten – think of them as disposable medieval Tupperware.

Fortunately, these are bygone times. Nowadays the more attention to the crust, the better the Pie! Therefore our tasty and crispy Pieman Pies are covered with quality puff pastry. No factory food but pure and passionate craftsmanship.

About us

We are Tara Brink and Hindrik Boonstra, proud owners of Pieman Bakery. Coming from a real entrepreneurial family with a passion for food, we know how to bake the tastiest homemade Pies.

In our modern bakery in Hoorn, we bake our homemade pies in the traditional way according to family recipe. All delicious flavor combinations (the Pie stuffings) are self-invented and prepared with the utmost care