A Pieman Savoury Pie; an enrichment on your menu


Especially for you as a restaurant owner the Pieman developed a very tasteful English Pie with a traditional look. The pie contains carefully chosen flavor combinations of pure and fresh ingredients in a jacket of crispy baked puff pastry, prepared with real butter.

The Pie, which is available in eleven different variaties, is an enrichment on your menu. The traditionally home-made Pie can be served within 20 minutes. A Pie from the Pieman can be served with chutney during cocktail hour, with soup or salad for lunch or a as a complete meal served with rice or vegetables on the side.



In the modern Pieman bakery the Pies are prepared using traditional methods. Here the dough is cut and pressed, after which the containers are filled with a generous amount of filling.
They are then covered and finished with the original PieMan seal.

The Pies are then quickly cooled back to the desired temperature with a blast chiller and immediately frozen. This process ensures that PieMan can always deliver fresh Pies and that the Pies have a longer shelf life. In this way you can serve your customers a delicious fresh and traditional product.