Pieman Pies: savoury and yummie

Savory Pies:
English Pies with a global touch!

Originally the crust was to keep the content of the pie fresh. The hardened pastry packages were not necessarily eaten – think of them as disposable medieval Tupperware.
Fortunately, these are bygone times. Nowadays the more attention to the crust, the better the Pie! Therefore our tasty and crispy Pieman Pies are covered with quality puff pastry. No factory food but pure and passionate craftsmanship.
Our savoury Pie is slightly different from the traditional English pie. We love traveling and enjoy to discover food from all over the world. Our favourite global recipes are used to fill the Pies with. For example you will find an African Boboti Pie, a Thai Chicken Pie and a Mexican Jalapeno Pie. Hence, an English Pie with a global touch.

At present we make 11 different kinds of home-made savoury Pies, four of which are vegetarian. A Pie for each and everyone.

All Pies are available in a regular size suitable for lunch or dinner and a small size (Party Pie) delicious as a snack with drinks or at parties. You can bake-off the Pies in 20 minutes and have a meal on the table in no time.

Storing and preparing

The Pies are delivered to you frozen and can be stored frozen for around 6 months. The shelf life of a defrosted Pie is 3-4 days.

Preparing a Pie is very easy. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and place the Pie in the middle of the oven without the aluminum tray. The cooking time may vary depending on the type of oven. The average preparation times are as follows:

Regular Pie; thawed: 20 minutes. Frozen: 35 minutes.

XL Pie; thawed: 45 minutes. Frozen: 75 minutes.

Party pie; thawed: 10 minutes. Frozen: 15 minutes.

Also suitable for the airfryer

Recipe ideas

Tasty dinner: Steak Pie with summer stew, chippoline & bear and South African chutney

Steak Pie

Main course for 4-6 people

Preparation time: approx. 30 minutes

You need: • 4-6 Steak Pies • 1,5 kilo of crumbly patatoes, peeled and chopped • 6 bunches of turnip green or 3 bags (75 gram) of arugula, cleaned and chopped • 2 dl of milk • a large lump of butter • salt and freshly ground pepper • 200 gr semi-dried tomatoes, in pieces • 200 gr chippoline onions, halved • South African chutney • extra needed: masher

Preparation: Preheat the oven to 180 C. Take the Pies out of the aluminum tray and place them in the middle of the oven. Bake the Pie off in 20 minutes. Meanwhile, cook the potatoes for about 20 minutes and drain. Add butter and hot milk to the potatoes and mash. Add arugula or turnip greens and the pieces of dried tomatoes and season with salt and pepper. Serve the Steak Pie with mash, chippoline and the South African chutney. Suggestion: replace turnip green or arugula with other summer veggies.

Another delicious suggestion: A minced lamb Pie with roasted zucchini, olive oil and dried herbs (e.g. chili or harissa mix). Serve this with a couscous salad with lemon juice, olive oil, parsley and mint.

Vega suggestion: Feta Spinach Pie with a basil tomato soup and grilled vegetables.